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Controls installs at new event space

Controls Install at Hotel Villagio

LG VRF system installation at new private events center in Napa. The architectural design allowed very little space for the mechanical system which is a common reason to utilize VRF in the design. The VRF components were used to create a built up split system featuring filtration, air side economizer, and the possibility for dehumidification with reheat. The “V” in VRF is for Variable. Variable capacity is important for energy efficiency but it is especially important for precise comfort control when there is a just a few people in meeting or well over 100 enjoying an event. 

For the controls, “DMG SC” utilized the LG VM3 controller which extends the capabilities of the standard MultiSite Communications Manager. VM3 system allow for customized sequence of operation, expanded graphics options, and the ability to control devices that are not VRF. In the space, a single touch screen “Reliable Controls” brand HVAC controller measures and reports on temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels.

The Social

“This 4000-square-foot Napa-chic farmhouse includes pitched ceilings rising more than 20 feet.  Sliding walls open onto a beautifully landscaped lawn and a private courtyard with flowing water and fire features enveloping the space alongside carefully selected indigenous gardens.  Together, this venue offers nearly 15,600 square feet of indoor and outdoor space.” – Hotel Villagio

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