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What We Do

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DMG SC coordinates with factories, installing contractors, and building managers to deliver optimum performance for the life of the equipment. Our team of factory trained technicians keep construction projects on track and maintain HVAC systems and controls.

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Our team designs and installs systems with the right controls for your objectives. From health, comfort, automation, and data, DMG SC helps you get the most out of your HVAC system.

Startup & Commissioning

“Startup” means one thing to DMG SC – We have reviewed all installation documentation, we’ve run the equipment in different modes of operation, the equipment is operating within factory specs, and we expect your system to operate problem-free.

Why We Do It

Our Service and Controls division is focused on providing high quality, local support for the factories DMG represents. We believe proper installation by trained technicians is the key to successful installations. Our Service team is engaged as equipment arrives at the job site and are with you through startup. Our Controls group works with our customers to optimize equipment with customized, user-friendly solutions. 

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DMG SC Delivering Successful HVAC Projects

How We Do It

Factory Certification

Modern HVAC systems have equipment coming from all over North America and the world. Our SC technicians have been certified by factories to assist with installation, start-up and commissioning, controls integration and DMG’s customer first ethos is realized through our ongoing support.

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Shared Knowledge

We invest time with our customers to make sure the HVAC system is installed and operates properly. We share our knowledge and experience in a variety of “classrooms”; factory training centers, customer meeting spaces, DMG Training facilities, and our favorite venue, hardhats on, in the field and at jobsites.

The Right Stuff

Modern equipment requires more than a screwdriver and pressure gauge. DMG SC has the advanced diagnostic tools; specialty cables, translators, dongles, software, firmware to connect your equipment into our laptop or let it talk with factory engineers. Smart systems require smart technicians. 

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DMG SC job site visit

Jobsite Visits

Our team reviews plans, submittals, installation instructions, and verify that the right components are being installed properly well in advance of any startup request. The best way to guarantee a job is done right is by being there with you at the job site, applying our training, expertise and knowledge.


Engaging with our customers online and sharing the stories that back up DMG’s reputation as world-class engineers, factory reps, and service technicians is part of the job – and fun. It allows us to share our voices as individuals in our shared marketplace.

DMG SC is constantly working to add projects to our portfolio.

DMG Service and Controls has the knowledge and experience to help you run your VRF equipment at peak efficiency.

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Who We Are

DMG Service and Controls (SC) was founded to deliver a higher level of local support for the mechanical equipment represented throughout the DMG offices. For 50+ years DMG has represented some of the highest quality vendors in the HVAC marketplace. Our engineers work closely with the design and construction community to consistently deliver successful installations. Those mechanical systems are increasingly more intelligent, more connected, more efficient, and more specialized. The advances provide many benefits to our customers while also requiring increasingly specialized training and support. We provide successful startup of these advanced systems through coordination with our installing contractors, ongoing training, good documentation, great communication, and a solid hand off to the controls systems.

License #: 1056463

Victor Murphy DMG SC manager
Victor Murphy
DMG SC President
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